mardi 24 janvier 2012

petit CoiN de PARADIS.. ...

Close your eyes and immagine...
 .. It's a dream!!

All these pictures are taken from!!

This place would be perfect for a little party
with some friends !!  



mercredi 18 janvier 2012


HelLooO _how's it going?
     NouS [CamiL, MéLii] on est SicK :S Ca SooooouuuLeee!!! Anyway... That's Lifee.

We misS Lausanneee & You Marinee [haha]
     enjoY our post _guys.

love. MéLii CamiL [Marinee]

vendredi 13 janvier 2012



Ohh it's Been a very Long Time that we didn't post something [SorrY :O]

             SOme piCtures du soir_ 23 décembre 2o11_lausanne Christmas <3
C'était naturellement |Awesooomee|, les petites lumières, Rue de BOurg, les lausannois [Stylééé], le Starbucks [in &out door]. les marrons chaud. Oueep On a Kiffé.

** bec.

CamiL, MéLii, Marinee