samedi 23 juillet 2011

vendredi 22 juillet 2011

pour Marinee

guys, we're soon off for 3 days [next weeK] 
On va passer quelques jours dans notre maison en Provence :)
so, meeT you there Marinee!

ps. we even talked with him. haha. <3
xoxO. CamiL, MéLii,[Marinee]


It was last week and it was just cooly!!

CamiL - MéLii - Marinee

jeudi 21 juillet 2011

lausannee* whaT else ?!

that day guys, thaT day was awesooomee!
sales, starbucks, laugh, friend, stYle,, <3

 the best - says MéLii :)

we love.Ya
CamiL, Marinee, MéLii

mercredi 20 juillet 2011

A bit of inspiration

Sorry I don't
 remember where they are  from but..... Je KIFFF ça!!! And you???

[ MéLii - CamiL ] Marinee

mardi 19 juillet 2011

Marché au Puce

awesome marché o puce - haha *
[funny day
sunny day]

CamiL, Marinee, [MéLii]

lundi 11 juillet 2011

Sun is shining all his light

A so beautiful day with just freedom,beauty,sun and sure...STYLE !!

Model: CamiL
Picture taker: Marine

CamiL - Marinee - [MéLii]